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Polyphenol-Rich Foods and Osteoporosis

[ Vol. 25 , Issue. 22 ]


Emanuele Chisari*, Nitin Shivappa and Shraddha Vyas   Pages 2459 - 2466 ( 8 )


Background: Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease affecting the bone mineral density and thus compromise the strength of the bones. Disease prevention through diet is the objective of the study and discussion. Among the several nutrients investigated, the intake of phenols seems to influence bone mineral density by acting as free radical scavengers, preventing oxidation-induced damage to bone cells. In addition, the growing understanding of the bone remodelling process supports the theory that inflammation significantly contributes to the etiopathogenesis of osteoporosis.

Methods: To provide an overview of current evidence on polyphenol-rich foods and osteoporosis prevention we made a comprehensive review of the literature focusing on the state of art of the topic.

Results: Some polyphenol-rich foods, including olive oil, fruit and vegetable, tea and soy, seem to be beneficial for preventing osteoporosis disease and its progression. The mechanism is still partly unknown and may involve different pathways which include inflammation and other disease reactions.

Conclusions: However, further research is needed to better understand the mechanisms regulating the molecular interaction between osteoporosis incidence and progression and polyphenol-rich foods. The current evidence suggests that dietary intervention with polyphenol rich foods may be useful to prevent incidence and progression of this condition.


Polyphenols, osteoporosis, antioxidants, food, diet, natural antioxidants.


University of Catania, Piazza Universita, 2, 95124, Catania CT, Cancer Prevention and Control Program, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208, Department of Cancer Epidemiology, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Fl, 33612

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