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Non-Analgesic Effects of Opioids: The Interaction of Opioids with Bone and Joints

[ Vol. 18 , Issue. 37 ]


Consalvo Mattia, Eleonora Di Bussolo and Flaminia Coluzzi   Pages 6005 - 6009 ( 5 )


Opioid consumption is associated with a wide range of side effects. Potential interference of opioids with bone and joint activity has emerged in the last few years. Opioids increase the risk of fracture, especially in elderly patients. Moreover, opioids interfere with the endocrine system, and their chronic use is a recognized risk factor for osteoporosis. Pathogenetic mechanisms at the basis of the interference of opioids with bones and joints are analysed in this review.


Opioid, bone, osteoporosis, endocrine, pain, fracture, joints, side effects, elderly patients, risk factor.


Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies, Unit of Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine, SAPIENZA University of Rome, Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine, Corso Della Repubblica 79, 04100 Latina, Italy.

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