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Pharmacological Adjuncts to Vitrectomy Surgery

[ Vol. 24 , Issue. 41 ]


Maria C. Savastano*, Alfonso Savastano and Stanislao Rizzo   Pages 4843 - 4852 ( 10 )


Pharmacological adjuncts to vitrectomy surgery are useful tools to better deal with surgery. Their introduction has enriched the therapeutic choice before, during and after operations. Although several classifications could be made to frame adjuncts to vitrectomy, we preferred to divide the pharmacological adjuncts to vitrectomy surgery for therapeutic use in the pre-operatory procedure (neo-adjuvant), for intraoperative use and for post-operatory practice (adjuvant). This type of classification allowed us to explore all the adjuncts based on the timing of their use. The actual interest in vitrectomy surgery is giving rise to considerable interest in new molecules with and without the pharmacological effect that will soon be available for the aid of vitreoretinal surgery.


Anti-VEGF, corticosteroids, intravitreal antibiotics, intravitreal antifungal, intravitreal dye, intravitreal tamponade, vitrectomy surgery, neo-adjuvant therapy (pre-operative), intra-operative adjuvant, adjuvant therapy (post-operative).


Centro Italiano Macula, Rome, "Careggi" Hospital, Florence, Florence University, Florence

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