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Production of Orally Applicable New Drug or Drug Combinations from Natural Origin Capsaicinoids for Human Medical Therapy

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 10 ]


Gyula Mozsik, Tibor Past, Andras Domotor, Monika Kuzma and Pal Perjesi   Pages 1197 - 1208 ( 12 )


It is well known that the capsaicin stimulates (in small doses) or impairs (in high doses) the capsaicin-sensitive afferent nerves and the final effects of capsaicin depend on its applied doses. The effects of capsaicin were analyzed on the gastrointestinal mucosal protection and injury in animal experiments and in human beings (from 1980 up to now). From 2005 to 2008 an interdisciplinary group (21 researchers) participated in the production of orally applicable drug or drug combinations from capsaicin for human medical therapy of patients suffering from cardiovascular, degenerative joint and locomotor diseases, who received in their treatments non-steroidal antiinflammatory compounds (NSAIDs). Our studies were based on the results of the NSAIDs-induced gastrointestinal side effects could be detected by application of small doses of capsaicin. Because natural (plant origin) capsaicin is chemically does not represent a uniform entity and used in the international research, consequently the authors met a lot of unpredictable scientific problems during the time of production of new capsaicin containing (alone or in combinations) drug before receiving official permissions from the different national and international authorities to start the classical human clinical pharmacological studies. This paper summarizes the different steps from the basic physiological and pharmacological notes (in animals), plant cultivation, chemistry of substance(s), animal (general and germinative) acute and chronic toxicology, human actions, basic clinical pharmacology of natural capsaicin (capsaicinoids) to introduce and to develop a new drug (or drug combinations) in the human medical therapy.


Natural capsaicin,NSAIDs,GI mucosal preventions,patient


, , , , First Department of Medicine,Medical and Health Centre, University of Pecs, Hungary, H-7624 Ifjusag ut 13, Pecs, Hungary.

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