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Design of Nanodrug Delivery Systems for Tumor Bone Metastasis

[ Vol. 30 , Issue. 15 ]


Xiaoqing Zhai, Shan Peng, Chunyuan Zhai, Shuai Wang, Meina Xie*, Shoudong Guo* and Jingkun Bai*   Pages 1136 - 1148 ( 13 )


Tumor metastasis is a complex process that is controlled at the molecular level by numerous cytokines. Primary breast and prostate tumors most commonly metastasize to bone, and the development of increasingly accurate targeted nanocarrier systems has become a research focus for more effective anti-bone metastasis therapy. This review summarizes the molecular mechanisms of bone metastasis and the principles and methods for designing bone-targeted nanocarriers and then provides an in-depth review of bone-targeted nanocarriers for the treatment of bone metastasis in the context of chemotherapy, photothermal therapy, gene therapy, and combination therapy. Furthermore, this review also discusses the treatment of metastatic and primary bone tumors, providing directions for the design of nanodelivery systems and future research.


Nanocarriers, drug delivery, tumor microenvironment, bone metastases, chemotherapy, cytokines.


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