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Compounds based on Adamantyl-substituted Amino Acids and Peptides as Potential Antiviral Drugs Acting as Viroporin Inhibitors

[ Vol. 30 , Issue. 12 ]


Timur M. Garaev, Tatyana V. Grebennikova, Varvara V. Lebedeva, Varvara V. Avdeeva* and Viktor F. Larichev   Pages 912 - 920 ( 9 )


The discussion has revolved around the derivatives of amino acids and peptides containing carbocycles and their potential antiviral activity in vitro against influenza A, hepatitis C viruses, and coronavirus. Studies conducted on cell cultures reveal that aminoadamantane amino acid derivatives exhibit the capacity to hinder the replication of viruses containing viroporins. Furthermore, certain compounds demonstrate potent virucidal activity with respect to influenza A/H5N1 and hepatitis C virus particles. A conceptual framework for viroporin inhibitors has been introduced, incorporating carbocyclic motifs as membranotropic carriers in the structure, alongside a functional segment comprised of amino acids and peptides. These components correspond to the interaction with the inner surface of the channel's pore or another target protein.


Influenza A viruses, adamantane derivatives, peptides, hepatitis C virus, antiviral activity, boron cluster anions.


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