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Preparation Optimization and Immunological Activity Studies of <i>Portulaca oleracea</i> L. Polysaccharides Liposomes

[ Vol. 30 , Issue. 10 ]


Yan Li, Guiyan Jia, Tao Li, Xiechen Zhou, Hui Zhao, Junyang Cao, Zijan Guan and Rui Zhao*   Pages 786 - 797 ( 12 )


Aims: This study combines traditional Chinese medicine polysaccharides with nanomaterials to enhance drug bioavailability and immunological activity.

Background: The study of polysaccharide preparation, structure identification, pharmacological activity, and mechanism of action is deepening, but the research combined with the new drug delivery system is relatively weak, so the application of polysaccharides is still facing great limitations. In order to prolong the action time of polysaccharides and improve their bioavailability, liposome has become the most promising delivery carrier.

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to optimize the preparation process of Portulaca oleracea L. polysaccharides liposomes (POL-PL) and evaluate the immunoactivity in vitro.

Methods: POL-PL was prepared by reverse evaporation, and the preparation process was optimized using the response surface methodology. The characteristic analysis of POL-PL was detected by the indicators including morphology, particle size, zeta potential, encapsulation efficiency, release, and stability. The effects of POL-PL on the proliferation and immunological activity of mouse spleen lymphocytes and RAW264.7 cells were evaluated in vitro.

Results: POL-PL is highly homogeneous in morphology and particle size, and its sustained release improves the bioavailability of Portulaca oleracea L. polysaccharides (POL-P). Moreover, POL-PL treatment significantly enhanced the proliferation and phagocytic activity of RAW264.7 cells and increased the secretion of IL-6, TNF-α, IL-1β, and NO.

Conclusion: This study suggested that POL-PL were prepared successfully by reverse evaporation method, and POL-PL had immunoenhancing activity in vitro. The results provided a theoretical basis for further application of POL-PL.


Portulaca oleracea L. polysaccharides, liposomes, reverse evaporating method, process optimization, immunoenhancing activity, response surface methodology.


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