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Silencing FUT4 Inhibits the Progression of Osteosarcoma through Activation of FOXO1

[ Vol. 30 , Issue. 6 ]


Yang Yang, Xiaodi Yan, YueYuan Chen, Jiajia Liu, Jianhua Xue, Xiaoming Sheng, Jun Qin, Qiang Xue* and Xianchen Liu*   Pages 440 - 447 ( 8 )


Background: It has been reported that inhibition of Fucosyltransferase4 (FUT4) to activate Forkhead box O1 (FOXO1) can lead to apoptosis of cancer cells, however, the mechanism in osteosarcoma is still unclear.

Objective: To explore the biological significance of the connection between FUT4 and FOXO1 in osteosarcoma growth.

Methods: In vitro tests were conducted using the human osteoblast cell line and the osteosarcoma cell lines. QRT-PCR assay as well as western blot assay were used to ascertain the relative expression levels of FUT4 and FOXO1 in the cells. By using the CCK-8 assay, colony assay, EDU assay, wound healing assay and Transwell assay, osteosarcoma cells' ability to proliferate, migrate and invade were examined in relation to si- FUT4. TUNEL test was used to evaluate Si-impact FUT4's on KHOS and U2OS apoptosis in osteosarcoma cells. Western blot assay was used to identify the expression of proliferative, migrating and apoptosis-related protein markers in osteosarcoma cells KHOS and U2OS and the expression of important proteins in the Wnt/ β-catenin signaling pathway.

Results: In comparison with osteoblasts, osteosarcoma cells expressed more FUT4. The osteosarcoma cells' capacities to proliferate, invade, and migrate were markedly inhibited by the inhibition of FUT4 expression, which also increased osteosarcoma cell apoptosis. The Wnt/β-Catenin signaling pathway was blocked by upregulating FOXO1 expression, which was in turn inhibited by inhibiting FUT4 expression.

Conclusion: Osteosarcoma cells express more FUT4. The Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway has a significant effect on osteosarcoma cell death, and inhibition of FUT4 expression may target FOXO1 activation to decrease osteosarcoma cells' ability to proliferate, invade, and migrate.


FOXO1, FUT4, osteosarcoma cells, proliferation, migration, apoptosis.


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