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Quality by Design Perspective for Designing Foam-based Formulation: Current State of Art

[ Vol. 30 , Issue. 6 ]


Mohit Kumar, Devesh Kumar, Shubham Singh, Shruti Chopra, Syed Mahmood and Amit Bhatia*   Pages 410 - 419 ( 10 )


Foam-based delivery systems contain one or more active ingredients and dispersed solid or liquid components that transform into gaseous form when the valve is actuated. Foams are an attractive and effective delivery approach for medical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical uses. The foams-based delivery systems are gaining attention due to ease of application as they allow direct application onto the affected area of skin without using any applicator or finger, hence increasing the compliance and satisfaction of the patients. In order to develop foam-based delivery systems with desired qualities, it is vital to understand which type of material and process parameters impact the quality features of foams and which methodologies may be utilized to investigate foams. For this purpose, Quality-by-Design (QbD) approach is used. It aids in achieving quality-based development during the development process by employing the QbD concept. The critical material attributes (CMAs) and critical process parameters (CPPs) were discovered through the first risk assessment to ensure the requisite critical quality attributes (CQAs). During the initial risk assessment, the high-risk CQAs were identified, which affect the foam characteristics. In this review, the authors discussed the various CMAs, CPPs, CQAs, and risk factors associated in order to develop an ideal foam-based formulation with desired characteristics.


Foam-based delivery, topical delivery, Quality-by-Design, risk assessment, critical material attributes, critical process parameters.


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