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Smart Stimuli-responsive Alginate Nanogels for Drug Delivery Systems and Cancer Therapy: A Review

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 44 ]


Hamid Reza Garshasbi and Seyed Morteza Naghib*   Pages 3546 - 3562 ( 17 )


Nanogels are three-dimensional networks at the nanoscale level that can be fabricated through physical or chemical processes using polymers. These nanoparticles’ biocompatibility, notable stability, efficacious drug-loading capacity, and ligand-binding proficiency make them highly suitable for employment as drug-delivery vehicles. In addition, they exhibit the ability to react to both endogenous and exogenous stimuli, which may include factors such as temperature, illumination, pH levels, and a diverse range of other factors. This facilitates the consistent administration of the drug to the intended site. Alginate biopolymers have been utilized to encapsulate anticancer drugs due to their biocompatible nature, hydrophilic properties, and cost-effectiveness. The efficacy of alginate nano gel-based systems in cancer treatment has been demonstrated through multiple studies that endorse their progress toward clinical implementation. This paper comprehensively reviews alginate and its associated systems in drug delivery systems.


Stimuli-responsive, alginate, nanogel, drug delivery system, cancer treatment, polymers.


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