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An <i>In-silico</i> Approach to Design and Validate siRNA against Monkeypox Virus

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 38 ]


Kishore Dhotre, Anwesha Banerjee, Debashree Dass, Vijay Nema and Anupam Mukherjee*   Pages 3060 - 3072 ( 13 )


Introduction: The monkeypox virus has emerged as an uncommon zoonotic infection. The recent outbreak of MPXV in Europe and abroad in 2022 presented a major threat to individuals at risk. At present, no specific MPXV vaccinations or medications are available.

Methods: In this study, we predicted the most effective siRNA against the conserved region of the MPXV and validated the activity by performing molecular docking studies.

Results: Ultimately, the most efficient siRNA molecule was shortlisted against the envelope protein gene (B6R) based on its toxicity, effectivity, thermodynamic stability, molecular interaction, and molecular dynamics simulations (MD) with the Human Argonaute 2 protein.

Conclusion: Thus, the strategy may offer a platform for the development of potential antiviral RNA therapeutics that target MPXV at the genomic level.


Monkeypox, small interfering RNA, RNAi, molecular docking, therapeutics, zoonotic infection.


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