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Neuropathy, its Profile and Experimental Nerve Injury Neuropathic Pain Models: A Review

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 42 ]


Krishana Kumar Sharma, Nishat Fatima, Zeeshan Ali, Mohd. Moshin, Phool Chandra, Anurag Verma, Omprakash Goshain and Gajendra Kumar*   Pages 3343 - 3356 ( 14 )


Neuropathy is a terrible disorder that has a wide range of etiologies. Drug-induced neuropathy, which happens whenever a chemical agent damages the peripheral nerve system, has been linked here to the iatrogenic creation of some drugs. It is potentially permanent and causes sensory impairments and paresthesia that typically affects the hands, feet, and stockings; motor participation is uncommon. It might appear suddenly or over time, and the long-term outlook varies. The wide range of chronic pain conditions experienced by people has been one of the main obstacles to developing new, more effective medications for the treatment of neuropathic pain. Animal models can be used to examine various neuropathic pain etiologies and symptoms. Several models investigate the peripheral processes of neuropathic pain, whereas some even investigate the central mechanisms, such as drug induce models like vincristine, cisplatin, bortezomib, or thalidomide, etc., and surgical models like sciatic nerve chronic constriction injury (CCI), sciatic nerve ligation through spinal nerve ligation (SNL), sciatic nerve damage caused by a laser, SNI (spared nerve injury), etc. The more popular animal models relying on peripheral nerve ligatures are explained. In contrast to chronic sciatic nerve contraction, which results in behavioral symptoms of less reliable stressful neuropathies, (SNI) spared nerve injury generates behavioral irregularities that are more feasible over a longer period. This review summarizes the latest methods models as well as clinical ideas concerning this mechanism. Every strongest current information on neuropathy is discussed, along with several popular laboratory models for causing neuropathy.


Neuropathy, animal models, vincristine, levodopa, chronic constriction injury, spinal nerve ligation.


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