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Review on Molecular Mechanism of Hypertensive Nephropathy

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 32 ]


Zhen Peng, Qiaohong Xu, Wen Hu and Yimin Cheng*   Pages 2568 - 2578 ( 11 )


Hypertension, a prevalent chronic ailment, has the potential to impair kidney function, and thereby resulting in hypertensive nephropathy. The escalating incidence of hypertensive nephropathy attributed to the aging population in urban areas, has emerged as a prominent cause of end-stage renal disease. Nevertheless, the intricate pathogenesis of hypertensive nephropathy poses considerable obstacles in terms of precise clinical diagnosis and treatment. This paper aims to consolidate the research findings on the pathogenesis of hypertensive nephropathy by focusing on the perspective of molecular biology.


Hypertension, nephropathy, gene mutation, gene polymorphism, bioinformatic analysis, molecular biology.


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