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Cytokines as Potential Therapeutic Targets and their Role in the Diagnosis and Prediction of Cancers

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 32 ]


Ikenna Uchendu*, Angelina Zhilenkova, Yuliya Pirogova, Maria Basova, Leonid Bagmet, Iana Kohanovskaia, Yvan Ngaha, Obinna Ikebunwa and Marina Sekacheva   Pages 2552 - 2567 ( 16 )


The death rate from cancer is declining as a result of earlier identification and more advanced treatments. Nevertheless, a number of unfavourable adverse effects, including prolonged, long-lasting inflammation and reduced immune function, usually coexist with anti-cancer therapies and lead to a general decline in quality of life. Improvements in standardized comprehensive therapy and early identification of a variety of aggressive tumors remain the main objectives of cancer research. Tumor markers in those with cancer are tumor- associated proteins that are clinically significant. Even while several tumor markers are routinely used, they don't always provide reliable diagnostic information. Serum cytokines are promising markers of tumor stage, prognosis, and responsiveness to therapy. In fact, several cytokines are currently proposed as potential biomarkers in a variety of cancers. It has actually been proposed that the study of circulatory cytokines together with biomarkers that are particular to cancer can enhance and accelerate cancer diagnosis and prediction, particularly via blood samples that require minimal to the absence of invasion. The purpose of this review was to critically examine relevant primary research literature in order to elucidate the role and importance of a few identified serum cytokines as prospective therapeutic targets in oncological diseases.


Cytokines, cancer biomarkers, oncological diseases, cancer diagnosis, cancer prediction, therapeutic targets.


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