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Macrophage-targeted Nanomedicine for Sepsis: Diagnosis and Therapy

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 26 ]


Liyuan Yang, Xiaoli Lou, Shanshan Hao, Li Zhou and Yanqiang Hou*   Pages 2036 - 2049 ( 14 )


Sepsis is a syndrome involving complex pathophysiological and biochemical dysregulation. Nanotechnology can improve our understanding of the pathophysiology of sepsis and contribute to the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to further reduce the risk of sepsis. Macrophages play a key role in the progression of sepsis, thus, macrophage-associated pathological processes are important targets for both diagnostic and treatment of sepsis. In this paper, we reviewed efforts in the past decade of nanotechnologybased solutions for manipulate macrophages in sepsis diagnosis and management according to the type of nanomaterial. We addressed the latest progress of nanoparticles targeting macrophages for early sepsis detection. Additionally, we summarized the unique advantages of macrophage-targeted nanoparticles in the treatment of sepsis. These nanoparticles can improve the dysregulation of inflammatory response in sepsis by inhibiting the release of inflammatory factors and regulating macrophage apoptosis, activity and polarization. Finally, we present future opportunities as well as challenges of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies with the aim of accelerating the clinical translation of nanomedicine for sepsis treatment.


Sepsis, macrophage, nanoparticle, diagnoses, nanomedicine, pathophysiological and biochemical dysregulation.


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