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Advancement in Polymer-based Carrier for DNA Vaccine

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 26 ]


Priyanshi Goyal and Rishabha Malviya*   Pages 2062 - 2077 ( 16 )


A novel strategy that has the potential to solve the drawbacks of the present conventional vaccines is the development of DNA vaccines. DNA vaccines offer a versatile and adaptable platform for treating a wide variety of diseases, as immunization targets may be easily adjusted by altering the gene sequences encoded in the plasmid DNA delivered. Due to their ability to elicit both humoral and cellular immune responses, their stability, and the ease with which they may be produced, plasmid DNA vaccines are quickly becoming the vaccine of choice, they are frequently safer than conventional vaccinations. Despite the highly encouraging outcomes of ongoing clinical trials, these vaccines' immunogenicity is compromised by a few factors. The use of various vaccine delivery techniques, the use of various polymer-based carriers, and the use of adjuvants are some of the several approaches that might be examined to better the immunogenicity of DNA vaccines made from plasmids. These advancements taken together might allow plasmid DNA vaccines to be successfully used in clinical settings.


Vaccine, polymer, adjuvants, plasmid DNA vaccine, virus like particles, COVID-19.


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