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Cancer Proteomics for Cellular Dysfunction: Insights and Trends

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 9 ]


Anjna Rani, Veena Devi Singh, Rupa Mazumder* and Kamal Dua   Pages 697 - 712 ( 16 )


Background: Cancer is an ailment with having a very low survival rate globally. Poor cancer prognosis is primarily caused by the fact that people are found to have the disease when it is already well advanced. The goal of this study is to compile information on new avenues of investigation into biomarkers that may facilitate the routine detection of cancer. Proteomic analysis has recently developed into a crucial technique for cancer biology research, working in tandem with genomic analysis. Mass spectrometry techniques are one of several proteome analysis techniques that allow for the highly precise quantitative and qualitative recognition of hundreds of proteins in small quantities from various biological materials. These findings might soon serve as the foundation for better cancer diagnostic techniques.

Methods: An exhaustive literature survey has been conducted using electronic databases such as Google Scholar, Science Direct, and PubMed with keywords of proteomics, applications of proteomics, the technology of proteomics, biomarkers, and patents related to biomarkers.

Result: Studies reported till 2021 focusing on cancer proteomics and the related patents have been included in the present review to obtain concrete findings, highlighting the applications of proteomics in cancer.

Conclusion: The present review aims to present the overview and insights into cancer proteomics, recent breakthroughs in proteomics techniques, and applications of proteomics with technological advancements, ranging from searching biomarkers to the characterization of molecular pathways, though the entire process is still in its infancy.


Proteomics, applications, the technology of proteomics, biomarkers, molecular pathways, patents related to cancer proteomics.


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