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Peptide-based Self-assembly: Design, Bioactive Properties, and Its Applications

[ Vol. 29 , Issue. 9 ]


He Diao, Yunhua Lu, Yun Ling, Yingjie Shen, Jingmou Yu* and Kun Ma*   Pages 640 - 651 ( 12 )


The self-assembly of peptides is very popular in biomedical fields. Peptide-based assemblies have been used as an ideal candidate for drug/gene delivery, tissue engineering, and antibacterial/anticancer agents. The morphology and structure of peptide self-assembly can be changed by altering the molecular structure and the self-assembly conditions. Engineering peptide assemblies present great potential in medical fields. In this review, the structure and function of peptide self-assembly have been described. Also, the advances in peptide- based self-assembly have been highlighted in biomedical applications, such as drug packaging and delivery, tissue engineering, antibacterial agents, siRNA-targeted delivery and vaccines. Moreover, the challenges and future perspectives of the self-assembly of polypeptides are discussed.


Peptides, self-assembly, biomedicine, drug delivery, tissue engineering, antibacterial agents.


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