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Advanced Research in Cellular Pharmacokinetics and its Cutting-edge Technologies

[ Vol. 28 , Issue. 37 ]


Lingjuan Lv, Yuyang You, Yeju Liu and Zhihong Yang*   Pages 3095 - 3104 ( 10 )


Pharmacokinetics (PK), as a significant part of pharmacology, runs through the overall process of the preclinical and clinical research on drugs and plays a significant role in determining the material basis of efficacy and mechanism research. However, due to the limitations of classical PK, cellular PK was put forward and developed rapidly. Many novel and original technologies have been innovatively applied to cellular PK research, thereby providing powerful technical support. As a novel field of PK research, cellular PK expands the research object and enriches the theoretical framework of PK. It provides a new perspective for elucidating the mechanism of drug action and the dynamic process of drug in the body. Furthermore, it provides a scientific basis and guiding significance for the development of new drugs and clinical rational drug use. Cellular PK can explain the dynamic process of certain drugs (e.g., antineoplastic drugs and antibiotics) and the disposition kinetics characteristics in some specific tissues (e.g., brain and tumor) in a clearer and more accurate manner. It is a beneficial supplement and the perfection of traditional PK. In the future, traditional and cellular PKs will complement each other well and improve into an all-around research system in drug developments. Briefly, this paper reviews the conceptual development of cellular PK and key associated technologies, explores its main functions and applications, and looks forward to the important pioneering significance and promising value for the development of PK.


Cellular pharmacokinetics, pharmacokinetics, theoretical development, technology, application, research progress.


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