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Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance- Flipsides of the Same Coin

[ Vol. 28 , Issue. 28 ]


Sonali Bhardwaj, Parul Mehra, Daljeet Singh Dhanjal, Parvarish Sharma, Varun Sharma, Reena Singh, Eugenie Nepovimova, Chirag Chopra* and Kamil Kuča*   Pages 2312 - 2329 ( 18 )


One of the major global health care crises in the 21st century is antibiotic resistance. Almost all clinically used antibiotics have resistance emerging to them. Antibiotic Resistance can be regarded as the ‘Faceless Pandemic’ that has enthralled the entire world. It has become peremptory to develop treatment options as an alternative to antibiotic therapy for combating antibiotic-resistant pathogens. A clearer understanding of antibiotic resistance is required to prevent the rapid spread of antibiotic-resistant genes and the re-emergence of infections. The present review provides an insight into the different classifications and modes of action of antibiotics to understand how the hosts develop resistance to them. In addition, the association of genetics in the development of antibiotic resistance and environmental factors has also been discussed, emphasizing developing action plans to counter this "quiescent pandemic". It is also pertinent to create models that can predict the early resistance so that treatment strategies may build up in advance with the evolving resistance.


Antibiotic resistance, de novo mutations, antibiotic stewardship, quiescent pandemic, environmental factors, modes of action.


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