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A Review on an Artificial Intelligence Based Ophthalmic Application

[ Vol. 28 , Issue. 26 ]


Sudhakar Kothandan, Arun Radhakrishnan and Gowthamarajan Kuppusamy*   Pages 2150 - 2160 ( 11 )


Artificial intelligence is the leading branch of technology and innovation. The utility of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine is also remarkable. From drug discovery and development to introducing products to the market, artificial intelligence can play its role. As people age, they are more prone to be affected by eye diseases around the globe. Early diagnosis and detection help minimize the risk of vision loss and provide a quality life. With the help of artificial intelligence, the workload of humans and manmade errors can be reduced to an extent. The need for artificial intelligence in the area of ophthalmic is also significant. In this review, we elaborated on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of pharmaceutical product development, mainly with its application in ophthalmic care. AI in the future has a high potential to increase the success rate in the drug discovery phase has already been established. The application of artificial intelligence for drug development, diagnosis, and treatment is also reported with the scientific evidence in this paper.


Artificial intelligence, ophthalmic application, drug discovery and development, healthcare, diagnosis, clinical trials.


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