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Cervical Cancer and Novel Therapeutic and Diagnostic Approaches using Chitosan as a Carrier: A Review

[ Vol. 28 , Issue. 24 ]


Fatemeh Sadoughi, Zatollah Asemi*, Bahman Yousefi, Mohammad Ali Mansournia and Jamal Hallajzadeh*   Pages 1966 - 1974 ( 9 )


In our knowledge, using appropriate carriers in the delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs, would result in better targeting and therefore it would increase the effectiveness and decrease the side effects of drugs. Chitosan, a natural polymer derived from chitin, has attracted the attention of pharmaceutical industries recently. New research works show that chitosan can not only be used in drug delivery but it can also have some usages in the prevention and diagnosis of cancer. This means that using chitosan Nanoformulations can be a promising approach for prevention, diagnosis, and specially treatment of cervical cancer, the fourth common cancer among the women of the world. We aim to investigate the related papers to find a novel method and preventing more women from suffering.


Chitosan, cervical cancer, nanoparticle, liposome, nanoformulation, chitin.


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