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Mechanistic Insights and Docking Studies of Phytomolecules as Potential Candidates in the Management of Cancer

[ Vol. 28 , Issue. 33 ]


Pooja Sharma, Dinesh Kumar*, Richa Shri and Suresh Kumar*   Pages 2704 - 2724 ( 21 )


Background: Cancer is a leading risk of death globally. According to the World Health Organization, it is presently the second most important disease that causes death in both developing and developed countries. Remarkable progress has been made in the war against cancer with the development of numerous novel chemotherapy agents. However, it remains an immense challenge to discover new efficient therapeutic potential candidates to combat cancer.

Objectives: The majority of the currently used anticancer drugs are of natural origins, such as curcumin, colchicine, vinca alkaloid, paclitaxel, bergenin, taxols, and combretastatin. Concerning this, this review article presents the structure of the most potent molecules along with IC50 values, structure-activity relationships, mechanistic studies, docking studies, in silico studies of phytomolecules, and important key findings on human cancer cell lines.

Methods: A viewpoint of drug design and development of antiproliferative agents from natural phytomolecules has been established by searching peer-reviewed literature from Google Scholar, PubMed, Scopus, Springer, Science Direct, and Web of Science over the past few years.

Results: Our analysis revealed that this article would assist chemical biologists and medicinal chemists in industry and academia in gaining insights into the anticancer potential of phytomolecules.

Conclusion: In vitro and in silico studies present phytomolecules, such as curcumin, colchicine, vinca alkaloids, colchicine, bergenin, combretastatin, and taxol encompassing anticancer agents, offerings abundant sanguinity and capacity in the arena of drug discovery to inspire the investigators towards the continual investigations on these phytomolecules. It is extremely expected that efforts in this track will strengthen and grant some budding cancer therapeutics candidates in the near future.


Phytomolecules, cancer, curcumin, vincristine, mechanistic insights, molecular docking studies.


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