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Managing Apoptosis in Lung Diseases using Nano-assisted Drug Delivery System

[ Vol. 28 , Issue. 39 ]


Monu K. Shukla, Amit Dubey, Sadanand Pandey, Sachin K. Singh, Gaurav Gupta, Parteek Prasher, Dinesh K. Chellappan, Brian G. Oliver, Deepak Kumar* and Kamal Dua*   Pages 3202 - 3211 ( 10 )


Several factors exist that limit the efficacy of lung cancer treatment. These may be tumor-specific delivery of therapeutics, airway geometry, humidity, clearance mechanisms, presence of lung diseases, and therapy against tumor cell resistance. Advancements in drug delivery using nanotechnology based multifunctional nanocarriers, have emerged as a viable method for treating lung cancer with more efficacy and fewer adverse effects. This review does a thorough and critical examination of effective nano-enabled approaches for lung cancer treatment, such as nano-assisted drug delivery systems. In addition, to therapeutic effectiveness, researchers have been working to determine several strategies to produce nanotherapeutics by adjusting the size, drug loading, transport, and retention. Personalized lung tumor therapies using sophisticated nano modalities have the potential to provide great therapeutic advantages based on individual unique genetic markers and disease profiles. Overall, this review provides comprehensive information on newer nanotechnological prospects for improving the management of apoptosis in lung cancer.


Lung cancer, lung diseases, apoptosis, nano-drug delivery systems, nanoparticles, nanotechnology.


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