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Diagnostic Approach and Treatment Regimens in Adult Patients Suffering from Antibody- mediated or Paraneoplastic Encephalitis

[ Vol. 28 , Issue. 6 ]


Stefan Macher*, Gabriel Bsteh, Thomas Berger and Romana Höftberger   Pages 454 - 467 ( 14 )


Identification of patients with antibody-mediated encephalitis poses a diagnostic challenge, and any delay in that aspect will increase the interval until the initiation of immunotherapy and may negatively affect the patient´s clinical outcome. Within this review, we focus on therapeutic strategies in antibody-mediated encephalitis and propose how to proceed with patients who are suspected of having encephalitis of unknown origin. We further briefly outline differences in the treatment of paraneoplastic and antibody-mediated encephalitis according to its pathomechanisms.


Antibody-mediated encephalitis, paraneoplastic encephalitis, auto-antibodies, treatment, regimens, immunotherapy.


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