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Multifaceted Applications of Genetically Modified Micro-organisms: A Biotechnological Revolution

[ Vol. 28 , Issue. 22 ]


Vasavi Basarkar, Sharayu Govardhane and Pravin Shende*   Pages 1833 - 1842 ( 10 )


Background: Genetically modified micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi are novel approaches used in the field of healthcare due to better efficacy and targeted delivery in comparison to conventional approaches.

Objectives: This review article focuses on the applications of genetically modified micro-organisms in the treatment of cancer, obesity and HIV infection. The gut microbiome causes metabolic disorders, however, the use of genetically modified bacteria alters the gut microbiota and delivers therapeutically effective drugs in the treatment of obesity.

Methods: Enhancement of the therapeutic activity of different micro-organisms is required for multiple treatments in cancer, diabetes, etc., by incorporating their fragments into the microbial filaments with the help of genetic modification approaches. Various methods like amelioration of NAPE synthesis, silica immobilization, polyadenylation and electrochemical are used to integrate the strain into the bacteria and engineer a live virus with a peptide.

Results: The development of novel microbial strains using genetic modifications over core strains offers higher precision, greater molecular multiplicity, better prevention from the degradation of microbes in atmospheric temperature and significant reduction of side effects for therapeutic applications. Moreover, genetically modified micro-organisms are used in multidisciplinary sectors like generation of electricity, purification of water, bioremediation process, etc., indicating the versatility and scope of genetically engineered microbes.

Conclusion: The bioengineered micro-organisms with genetic modifications proved to be advantageous in various conditions like cancer, diabetes, malaria, organ regeneration, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. This article provides insight into various applications of genetically modified microbes in different sectors with their implementation for regulatory approval.


Genetically modified, bioengineering, bioremediation, polyadenylation, HIV infection, gut microbiome.


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