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MiRNAs in Human Cancers: The Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications

[ Vol. 20 , Issue. 33 ]


Qiong Wu, Zhiping Yang, Yongquan Shi and Daiming Fan   Pages 5336 - 5347 ( 12 )


From chemotherapy and radiotherapy to molecular targeted therapy, in recent decades, we have witnessed the acceleration of cancer treatments. However, nowadays, it has encountered obstacles due to multi-drug resistance, drug-induced toxicity and the insufficient disruption of cancer pathways. Thus, it is required to have more efficient approaches for cancer treatments. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are perhaps the most researched genes in the last decade. They have been reported to play significant roles in cancers and are considered to be applied in targeted cancer therapies. Here, we will firstly review the implications of miRNAs in clinical use from the aspects of miRNA biogenesis and biological functions, followed by the diagnostic and prognostic values of miRNAs. Furthermore, the application of miRNAs in pre-clinical cancer models and clinical trials regarding miRNAs will also be discussed. Moreover, since miRNA delivery is the biggest challenge for miRNA based therapy, the commonly used delivery methods will then be reviewed. The miRNA combinational therapy with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, molecular targeted therapy and immunotherapy will be reviewed and discussed at last.


microRNA, cancer, therapy.


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