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Bioactive Peptides and Hydrolysates from Egg Proteins as a New Tool for Protection Against Cardiovascular Problems

[ Vol. 26 , Issue. 30 ]


Marta Miguel, Dalton V. Vassallo* and Giulia A. Wiggers   Pages 3676 - 3683 ( 8 )


The aim of the present work is to review the potential beneficial effects of dietary supplementation with bioactive egg protein hydrolysates or peptides on cardiometabolic changes associated with oxidative stress. The development of nutritionally improved food products designed to address specific health concerns is of particular interest because many bioactive food compounds can be potentially useful in various physiological functions such as for reducing oxidative stress. The results presented suggest that egg hydrolysates or derived peptides could be included in the diet to prevent and/or reduce some cardiometabolic complications associated with oxidative stress-related diseases.


Bioactive food compounds, egg derived peptides, oxidative stress, toxic metals, hydrolysates, cardiometabolic.


Bioactivity and Food Analysis Laboratory, Instituto de Investigación em Ciencias de la Alimentación, Nicolás Cabrera, 9, Campus Universitario de Cantoblanco, Madrid, Department of Physiological Sciences, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo and School of Medicine of Santa Casa de Misericordia (EMESCAM), Av. Marechal Campos 1468, Zip Code: 29040-090, Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Cardiovascular Physiology Research Group, Federal University of Pampa, BR 472 - Km 592 - PO box 118. Zip Code: 97500-970, Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul

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